Sunday, June 4, 2017

Recipe Review: Bacon and Egg Cups

So, the goal this weekend was to start Whole30. Let's just say I thought I had prepared, but, well, it turns out not very well. Sigh. So, I'm accepting failure and still trying to get going. My original goal was to ease into it over a couple of weeks, but family emergencies and work craziness meant that didn't happen. I'm also having doubts about doing Whole30 and giving up Diet Coke at the same time. Mind you, I've made great strides in the Diet Coke department (I'm learning to drink Seltzer water), but alas, maybe not that good. Weather related headaches did not help this weekend, either. But, such is life.

Whole30 will change the way I've eaten breakfast for years. It should be in all caps, because for years I've done similar versions of the same breakfast and none of them are Whole30 or even Paleo compliant.

This afternoon, I tried Bacon and Egg Cups (earlier, I could even think of trying this due to the headache).  But, it turned out pretty good. Basically, it's a baked egg wrapped in a slice of bacon. I'll see how it overnights in the fridge and warms up in the AM (I'm a take my breakfast to work kind of girl).

At any rate, it comes from Seasonal Cravings and is fairly easy to do. I already have ideas for modifications and if I carry through with trying them, I'll post here.  In the meantime, enjoy.

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