Monday, March 19, 2012

Moving... yet, again...

So, yes, I'm moving. To another state. For hopefully the last time. It's exciting and a nerve wracking at the same time. I was contacted about a potential job that is a promotion to department head. I wasn't sure and maybe a little leery about moving again, but after the interview process and seeing the college and meeting the people (who seem just wonderful), I know this is the right move. It's to Georgia and a city that I'm planning on settling down in. Cause, honestly, I'm ready to not move anymore, unless I'm buying a house, and I'm ready to just settle in somewhere. And, this moving around was much easier when I was a few years younger. So, Georgia, here I come. 

I'm moving mid-April. At the beginning of April, I'll head to a conference, where I'm part of a panel. There is a lot do with moving and I'm going a million directions at once it seems, so I gave up a house hunting trip. I've been scrutinizing apartments online and hopefully will be able to pick one within a couple of days of arrival. Honestly, that doesn't really bother me. I'm just hoping they're not all dumps in person. So far, I've been blessed with the apartments I've rented, so I'm hoping that streak continues.

However, this means I'm moving without an address. The solution seemed easy. Get a post office box. You can do it online. Well, not really. You can fill out the application online. You can pay online. What you can't do is prove you are you online and they won't give you a box number until you do. You have to go to your local post office to do that. Easy, right. Not really. I gave that a go tonight. My local post office had no idea what I was talking about. So, I called the Georgia post office where I was going to get the box. They said they couldn't give a box number until they verified my identity. Circles. Both post offices were very friendly and both suggested I just put a hold on my mail. If I put a hold on the mail and I get an apartment within a couple of days, why do I need a PO Box? I cancelled the box.

I'm actually a fan of the USPS. It's processes like this, though, that are hurting them. I would have gotten the box for a year. Not a ton of revenue, but it's still some. As it is, I more than likely will not get one upon arrival. I'm left wondering why they couldn't have assigned the box and then verify identity before giving me the keys. It's not that different and would allow people who are moving to easily get an address in their new city and many will probably do six months to a year for the rental and may keep the box even after that. As it is, I've now been told I can just put a hold on my mail and when I put in the forwarding address it will end the hold. No need for a box and they lose the revenue. While I understand security in this day and age and why they want to verify identity, I'm also puzzled by a process that willing foregoes revenue by an organization that is losing money.