Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On the positive side...

My last posts have been fairly negative. With that in mind, I began looking for the positive and found plenty. I'm enjoying having my own washer and dryer. I'm liking that my laundry hamper is in my bathroom (1st time ever). I'm liking the extra drawer space in the kitchen. I have a lovely balcony with a tree right outside. So far, the apartment management is very responsive. This apartment isn't perfect and there are things, as with any home, that I'm not crazy about. But, it has let me learn what it is I like and don't like. It might not be easy to find, but I know what to consider next time and know what works best for me (like one bathroom as opposed to two). I'm filing it all under "live and learn."

And, finally, as of last week, my cat is finally not spending all her time in the spare bedroom or under a bed. At least not at night. She spent all weekend on the couch with me and is getting in my chair at night. She still has her moments, but it's getting better. Plus, I found a really nice cat sitter.

To seal the deal, I finally got a new driver's license. I thought I'd be smart and go first thing last Saturday morning. Me and everyone else. Lesson to this story. Probably better to go an hour before closing as everyone tries to get there early. Getting new tags for the car was a lot easier. There's an office close to me and that was basically walk in and get it done. I put the new tags on the car today.

The best good news for me. I get to make a last trip to IL to say goodbye to my Dad's childhood home. I tried to make it a quick trip, but it was too quick, since I'm flying. So, we delayed it a week and I added a day to the trip and it's the right thing. I'll have three days there and then I'll splurge and take the Monday off after I come back. I won't get back in town until almost 8:00 pm and that's after traveling all day. It wouldn't be my brightest idea to go to work the next day. I'm looking forward to the trip.

I've had a couple of visitors to my patio, including the small frog pictured above. In fact, after a heavy rain, I dumped water from the plant pots only to realize that there was a little frog in the pot. I'm sure it was drawn to the water. I suspect it might have been the same frog, but I don't know. We've had more rain, so I've emptied water from pots again and no frog. I've also had a couple of lizards visit, but wasn't able to get a good picture.

I leave you with a photo of kitty sacked out on the couch.  

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