Saturday, January 21, 2012


Last night I wound up watching Selling Spelling Manor on HGTV.  This was a re-run and something I chose not to watch the first time it was aired.  I just didn't see the point.  Well, I'm still not sure I see the point, but I was a little in awe at her downsizing skills, even though I can't really comprehend her downsize.  She went from 56,500 sq. ft. (no kidding) to 16,000 sq. ft. The new digs are the top two floors of a high rise condo.  Something that in CA would quite frankly give me pause.  Then again, I'm a little freaked out at times by heights, let alone being high up during an earthquake, but I'm sure they've figured out how to earthquake proof it.  Nor can I comprehend a downsize to 16,000 sq. ft., but we're all different.

What sorta resonated with me was that I'm also in the process of downsizing, though mine is on a different scale.  I'm only in 890 sq. ft. as it is and that is coming from a mere 1,700 sq. ft.  So, you see, nothing compared to hers.  But, I know I've got stuff I don't need and since I plan on staying in a smaller space even should I again purchase a home or condo, then I need to start getting rid of stuff.

Mrs. Spelling was totally pragmatic.  What she wouldn't have room for, she was either auctioning, donating, or selling online.  I'll donate most of my stuff as the majority is clothes and other odds and ends and I just feel better going with donation.  Some pieces of furniture, I may sell.  The hard part is letting go of some pieces.  I know that I really tend to attach sentimental value to just about anything, but now is the time to start culling it down.  Especially as I have a small storage unit (it will never get bigger) since I no longer have a garage.  In fact, I should have done this when I moved from my first house in 2004.  But, I thought one day I'd have a house again and then it would be the same.  Nothing is ever really the same and what I've learned is some times it's better to just start over.

Mrs. Spelling just stepped up to the plate and did it.  I have a friend who's done something similar.  Now I can only hope that I can buckle down and do the same thing.

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