Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review - The God of the Hive

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall, this book was okay, though I was a bit disappointed. It picks up where The Language of Bees left off. It zig zags back and forth between Russell, Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, the villain, and one chapter devoted to a character introduced in Bees. As if this wasn’t enough, it suddenly went from the crimes of a religious leader turned madman to some type of spy story motive. Turns out the lunatic religious leader was just a side story and the true bad guy is actually after Mycroft. I never did really get why.

Add to this, when Russell learns some of Mycroft secrets, which really shouldn’t have been all that big of a surprise, she’s suddenly comes to look upon Mycroft as some sort of bad guy. Really? What did she think Intelligence involved? She’s a smarter girl than that.

The reintroduction of a character from one of the Conan Doyle stories was refreshing. The character of Goodman was somewhat fun. However, there were side stories everywhere, again way to much flying detail, tons of detail regarding disguises, and other elements that just seemed to drag out the story. Add to this that I actually figured out the story with Mycroft and you’re basically told who the bad guy is in the beginning (but we get less detail about him and his motives than we do for some of the other secondary characters) and this was not all that much of a mystery.

I truly enjoy this series and think it’s one of the best mystery series going. This lacked a lot of what I have enjoyed in the previous books, especially the interaction between Holmes and Russell. Overall, this is not one of the better books in the series. However, if you’ve read The Language of Bees, I’d definitely recommend this one to round out the story.