Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So... an earthquake!

All summer long, the bridge behind the building I work in as been under repair, which has involved putting a number of very large supports in the ground. This has created noise and some jarring, but nothing really unreasonable. At least not for me... I'm sure it's different for those closer to the crane and the pounding. Then they find that our building is sinking! Yep, and it too will need to be shored up a bit and that will create a bit more noise and a bit more pounding.

So, today when the building moved a bit, I thought this must be related to the reinforcement of the building. Then it moved a bit more. Then it started shaking and I thought the building was collapsing. Seriously, first thought was they must have goofed driving in the supports and the building was collapsing. Then I thought maybe earthquake and went to stand in the door. Next thing I know the building is being evacuated and we are moving not just out of the building but off of the terrace and down to firm ground. Because, it's an earthquake. Centered in Mineral, VA, but felt for hundreds of miles. 5.8 they say. My first earthquake and the strongest earthquake to hit the East Coast since 1944. The irony is I lived in CA for three and half years and never felt an earthquake. I know not much by West Coast standards, but it was still alarming to me.

They weren't sure about the safety of the building, but after about 30 minutes they let us back in to retrieve our things and sent us home. We are working tomorrow, but it will be clean-up duty and probably no A/C. The weather has cooled a bit, but it's a really big building with glass walls and without air circulating, it's going to be really stuffy. Vanity being what is, I can't imagine what my hair will look like after a day in constant humidity (it's curly and humidity, especially here, doesn't lead to good hair days).

I wondered what I would find at home. Nothing really bad, though a vase did break leaving glass everywhere. The cat is safe, but has only come out from under the bed briefly. I did tempt her with an treat of additional wet food tonight and she did eat some of that and did stay with me for a bit, but is now back under the bed. I'd told her if there was ever a weather emergency, to hide under the bed. Nice to know she listened to me. I'm guessing she'll come out when she's ready. Poor thing - it was probably kind of scary to be here with things falling off shelves and breaking. I'm just glad she was out of the room when the vase broke and didn't get cut on any of the glass.