Thursday, November 10, 2011


I recently crossed the three year mark living in my apartment. This is a record of sorts for me. I've moved a lot and aside from my three and half year stint living in California's central coast, the longest I'd lived anywhere was Texas. But, in California, I lived in two different apartments, so there was a move while there. I lived in my first (and beloved) house in Texas for about six and half years. That's still my record. However, life changes and takes us to new and different places. So, three years in one apartment is kind of a record for me. While, I'm beginning to lust after having my own washer and dryer (even though the shared laundry is literally right next to my apartment) and am wishing for a slightly bigger, better laid out, more storage kitchen, I'm still very happy with where I live.

I'm also very happy with some of the perks. Heat (gas) is included. Huge plus in the winter. Water was included, but that will change when my lease is up and then I'll have a water charge. The city I live in has raised water/sewer rates - a lot - and the management is passing this cost on. I understand. I'm not happy with how, though, as they've decided to determine the surcharge by the number of bedrooms rather than by number of tenants. As one person in a two bedroom apartment, this bugs me. I have written a letter to provide feedback, but I expect it to have little or no impact. So, rent will definitely go up, but such is life, I guess.

There are some other perks. I live in a mid-rise building which has a smallish lobby with a table and two chairs. When someone moves and needs to find a home for stuff, they just leave it in the lobby. I've seen microwaves, patio chairs (nice ones), a chair and ottoman, and not too long ago a sofa. While I think this is cool, what really makes my day is the books. A resident reads a lot, so various books, hardback and paperback, show up on the table. I've recently picked up about five books to read. These, coupled with the ones I got when Border's was going out of business (so sad that), will keep me busy while I'm laid up next week. And, hopefully, help me meet my Goodreads reading goal for the year. And, yes, when I'm done with the books I pass them on, either the same way or to my Mom.

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