Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Review - Ghost a la Mode by Sue Ann Jaffarian

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a plain out fun read. I was afraid it might be a little too Ghost Whispery, but it wasn’t. Emma is recently separated from her talk-show host husband and living with her parents in her childhood home. At the request of a friend, she attends a seance and discovers that she has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Well, at first, it’s the ghost of her great-great-great-grandmother. Later on she realizes she can see all ghosts.

Turns out Granny was murdered and has been waiting for a family member to help her. After a bit of denial about seeing ghosts, Emma decides she needs something to do (for lack of a better phrase) since with the end of her marriage and her daughter heading to college, home maker is probably not a good occupation going forward. So, she listens to Granny and sets out to Julian, CA, to see what she can find out.

This book has great characters, humor, a romance of sorts, and a little history (Julian is a real town). There are also two mysteries - Granny Apples murder and the present-day murder of a sleazy psychic in the Julian cemetery. Just so happens, Emma was one of the last people to see him alive. The mysteries themselves weren’t great and the motive was alluded to throughout, however, I didn’t figure out either of the killers. Even given that, I enjoyed the story, the characters and the settings and will definitely read other books in this series.

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