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Book Review - The Witness Wore Bay Blood by L.C. Evans

I finished two books while on "vacation." This is the second one finished, so I'm sharing the review.

The Witness Wore Blood BayThe Witness Wore Blood Bay by L.C. Evans

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the first book by L.C. Evans I’ve read and the second in the series. I enjoyed it and will probably read others in this series and/or by L.C. Evans.

This series revolves a bit around horses and horse shows and is set in a small Florida town. A member of the local horse club is accused of murdering a friend of her husband. The husband seems indifferent at best. While not wanting to be involved, Leigh McRae is asked by the accused, Candy, to help her out. After Candy reveals something no one else knows and realizing that no one is going to help Candy, Leigh decides to do a little poking around. Tagged on and around this is her cousin Sammi’s belief that her neighbor is poisoning neighborhood dogs.

The clues are all laid out. I knew there was a connection, but there were numerous false leads, but in the end it all tied together nicely.

A few things did annoy me. The attitude of the sheriff. While Leigh did present some pretty basic things it was apparent he had his person and would consider nothing else. I guess I prefer to have law enforcement be willing to help and investigate instead of being the enemy.

Her relationships with the men in her life. I haven’t read the first book, but Kenneth, her ex-husband, is not written in a manner that anyone would like him. I also didn’t care for her wishy washiness over marrying Adam, the perfect man she now has. No man is perfect. I couldn't tell if the author was trying to throw romance into mystery or not. If she was, it was subtle and didn’t really work for me.

I did really enjoy the relationship between Leigh and her cousin Sammi. I couldn’t tell if Leigh had many other friends other than acquaintances from the horse club, though she seemed to know and get along with plenty of people. She has a daughter, who is youngish (11), but is barely in the book. Not sure what I think about that, though for most of the book the daughter was at dressage camp.

I thought her job woes got a bit tiresome as did the constant reminders of how run down her house was. While these did wear a bit thin with me, they didn’t really detract from the book and I will most likely read other books in this series.

Overall, this was a good book and I’d recommend it.

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