Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter weather....

In the past two weeks, I have been through not one, but two blizzards. About 60" of snow total. As I've said before, I'm a southern girl; I've never seen this much snow in my life! Who knew it could snow this much? It was pretty, until total white out conditions. It was sorta fun, until the dig-out of the car, when I discovered little used muscles.

Fortunately, my place of work closed for three days total, though not in a row. The first storm hit on a Saturday. I was able to dig my car out the following Sunday, but work was closed on Monday. The state of MD was not expecting the first storm, let alone the second. The drive to work on Tuesday after the first storm was interesting to say the least. None of the roads through downtown had been cleaned. Thankfully, the bridge was good, but we didn't get over 10 mph on the drive to work. What usually takes about six minutes took 25 minutes. Then Tuesday night it decided to snow some more. When I went to bed I thought the predictions for 10-20 inches were exaggerated. I thought the same thing when I looked out the window at about 5:30 am. Not so the next time I looked out the window, around 9:00 am. The second blizzard had arrived. Work was closed that day and the day after. Cabin fever started to set in. I was very happy to go to work on Friday.

Strangely, it's a holiday today, so after three snow days in one week, it's a three day weekend. It was nice being out and about and running errands this weekend. Only to now start snowing again. I can honestly say I'm ready for Spring.

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