Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter wonderland...

This Southern Girl isn't used to a lot of snow, but I have seen some. Nothing like what hit the area yesterday. It was lovely to watch. I knew it snowed, but I truly didn't know how much until I went out this morning to dig my car out. Holy cow. It was pretty though. I'm very impressed with the apartment management. They were at it early with a bulldozer to clean roads and parking areas. My snow shovel is in storage! I will remedy this, but in the meantime, a neighbor who was finishing up, loaned me hers. Then a good Samaritan came along with a bucket and a much bigger brush than mine and helped me out. We got it cleaned and then I moved it over a bit to make it easier in the am, though I'm hoping to catch a ride with a co-worker who lives here as well.

Then an elderly neighbor came out to clean his car. I returned the favor and helped him. He had a broom. He would have used the shovel, but he's older and very stoop shouldered and no way could I let him do it all by himself. Before it was done, two other ladies came to help as did too other guys. In the meantime, two other neighbors were helping a couple of other older residents. It was truly a tribute to the season and to people with everyone pitching in with what they had to help folks unbury their cars. Then the bulldozer guy came back and pushed all our piles out of the way. It's above freezing now, so it shouldn't be too bad tomorrow.

Today it's a sunny gorgeous day. Christmas cookie dough is chilling in the refrigerator; Christmas cards wait to be finished. All in all a good way to round out the weekend of record setting snowfall.