Sunday, January 18, 2009

The End is Near....

Or rather, Vindication X 3! The picture to the right is one of the holes that was dug in the repair of my foundation! Actually, it's also one of the holes that served one of the two tunnels that was dug under the house to place piers under the middle of the house. All together, 32 piers have been placed under my house and two tunnels were dug to access the middle of the house.

Are you surprised? I was. I had received notice from builder's nitwit that my foundation would not be repaired and also advised that I would not receive the offical plan of action since we had been "communicating." He listed three things as a plan of action that were no where close to a plan of action. One was "fix cosmetics." Umm.... no. Details, please. Of course, I e-mailed exactly what I expected from a plan of action and advised that what he sent me (he who has never been in my house) was most definitely not a plan of action. I didn't hear anything back for a couple days. He then sends an e-mail asking me to call him as he has an update. Grrr. I send him an e-mail asking him to send it via e-mail. The update - they received more results from the soil survey and my foundation does in fact need to be repaired. He attached the engineers drawing for the repairs, i.e. where the piers and tunnels would be, etc, advised who the company and the engineer were, said he would send information on the company and offered to set up a conference call with the engineer to answer any questions I might have. This was one of the best communications I've had. It was also the week before Christmas.

The next thing I know I'm getting a call from the foundation repair folks scheduling January 12th as the start date for the repairs. In case you haven't guessed already, I had received no information on the company, etc as nitwit had said he would. Fortunately, the lady from the company answered all my questions. Then there was a mini saga (which I will someday write about) over getting a key to friend B who has been an absolute angel helping me with all of this and who is the photographer of the picture. I could not have managed this without his help. I would not have given a house key to nitwit builder rep. Ever. In fact, nitwit left me a voice mail the Friday before it began (notice he didn't e-mail as I requested) saying he would be there on Monday and advising they didn't need access to the house and basically puzzled as to why I would have someone there representing me. I truly wonder what he would do if it were his house. Anyway, B was there and has done wonders with nitwit. I now even get daily e-mail updates from nitwit. For the curious, they did need access to my house. In fact, the plumber beat nitwit there the first morning (they do a plumbing check before and after foundation repairs) and today to do the leveling.

The one sad thing in all of this is I wish I could be there to see for myself. Turns out I'm totally fascinated by the repair process, as is B.