Thursday, September 11, 2008

Circles and cats.....

Well, I'm settling in. I've got all but two boxes unpacked and those have clothes. I'm not a fan of putting up clothes under normal circumstances, so it's the same with boxed up and moved clothes. But, I'll get there.

We're (me and kitty cat) settling in okay. However, kitty cat had tiny little sores in her bald spot, so today we headed for the vet. I figured I'd also let them give her a pedicure. Here's where the circles come in. This city has them in several places and they just scare me. If you've lived here for years and know which roads lead off of where, then you're good; but if you've just moved here, well, good luck. It's hard to know which lane to be in and street signs are hard to spot. And, so far, the GPS just says "enter roundabout and take second exit." I aim for the second street and suddenly it's "recalculating." Well, it's recalculated route got me there, but through one of the not so good neighborhoods. Oh, and have I mentioned the narrow streets? This is "town living" as my Mom calls it and it is the first time I've lived in "town" so to speak. It's older, narrow streets, one way streets...which I'm just not used to. I'm beginning to wonder if I ever will, but then it's only been about two weeks. Fortunately, I've figured out the circle I have to go through on the way to work so I shouldn't get crunched up there.

Finally, I got to the vet. At first I thought the GPS had goofed as I was in the middle of a neighborhood. Nope, it's off of the vet's house. Very nice technician and vet; thinks kitty cat's issues might be allergies, so we're trying an anti-histamine. In some wet food. She's a picky, picky kitty when it comes to wet food, so we'll see how that goes. She has finally nibbled some of it, but I'm not sure she got the part with the anti-histamine. I think I'll look for some of those treats that have pockets to put medicine. Who knows though, maybe the wet food will work. He also suggested she could lose about three pounds. I figured if I lost weight, then maybe it's her turn, so we'll try that as well. Of course, I had to navigate another circle to get home.