Sunday, June 8, 2008


For some time now, I've wanted something outside the standard Blogger templates. Namely, three columns. I've got a lot of tags and they took up a lot of column space. Then this week, another blog turned me on too Blogger Buster, a blog with news on templates, hacks to try, etc. After spending hours culling through various templates and trying a few (someone which didn't work), I settled on this theme. Oddly, it's a three column version of an existing template, one I didn't think I'd use.

I toyed with a label cloud, which I decided I didn't like. I toyed with a label drop-down, which I decided I didn't like either. So, the long list of labels is still there. But, with the extra column on the right, it's not so bad. Eventually, I'll probably try something else, but for now I think this is it.

I will say, I tried the two label hacks and was successful, so that made me happy. There are ton of templates out there. I realized that Girly generally means it's more frilly than I want. Some, the columns were two narrow and my existing posts didn't look right. There is is also a hack for not losing widgets, but I decided to use this experiment as a way to evaluate the widgets that were on my blog and some are now gone. They may reappear, but for now, I'm going with this. I hope everyone had a good weekend.