Sunday, June 1, 2008

Did a little traveling...

Almost a month ago, I took a short trip to Spokane, WA. I was considering a job there and wanted to look the place over - again. I also got to visit with a friend, DR, that I hadn't seen in just about 10 years. I splurged a bit on the hotel, but it was worth it. I hadn't truly been on a trip, aside from visiting my Mom, in a couple of years. It was nice to go away, even if just for three days.

DR picked me up at the airport and chauffeured me practically everywhere, something for which I am eternally grateful. We also had some very good food. I'm a huge muffin fan and can attest that Perkin's makes really good ones - or at least the Peaches and Cream was really good. One of the places he took me was a drive up in the mountains. We were also seeing how far we could go before we were blocked by snow. He's ready to go camping, but alas, we couldn't get as far as he needs to for the camping. Bonus, though, was I got to see some of Idaho in the process. Shortly after our turn-around spot, I took this picture. So, while I'm tempted to say this is from Washington state it's actually Idaho. Gorgeous drive.