Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just odd....

It seems like this year we've gone without a winter. It's nice and balmy one day and then cold the next. Or the humidity is over the top (wreaking havoc with my hair) one day and non-existent the next. The coming week will be like that. Nice weekend - in the 70's, balmy. It is cloudy today, but still warm. Our high today - 72. Our high tomorrow - 48. Ugh. I wish it would pick a season and stick with it.

But, that's not the really odd thing - weather is wonky everywhere. I recently re-hooked up my Canon BubbleJet printer to my computer. I love my HP Photo printer, but the Canon is a great little everyday printer. Nice and speedy and the ink cartridges aren't expensive. So, I'm all set to go, only to discover that it won't print in black. It will print in color, so no problem with the Christmas letter way back in December. It thought maybe since it had been about six 6 months since last use that maybe it was the ink cartridge, so I got a new one. Not it. Well, printing in black would be nice, so last night I start searching to see what I can come up with. Big thing seems to be cleaning the print heads. Tried that, nada, nothing, zilch. I can line up the print heads and get black, but it still won't print black. Then I come across a message board, which is several years old. One poster said they changed the paper from letter to photo and it worked (yes, there are variations on this theme it seems). So, I tried this and it worked. Just for grins, today I tried it again with the paper selection equals letter. Nothing. Changed it back to photo paper and it works just fine. I'm still going to explore the printer heads and nozzles, but if it works for one paper type, you'd think it would work for another. I'm totally puzzled, but happy that I can get it to print.

And, this weeks picture is a one of the shrubs in front of my house. It doesn't look like much most of the time, but it's really kind of pretty when it's in bloom.

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