Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another backyard visitor...

Early this afternoon, I headed to my backyard with a bottle of Round-up to kill the thistle weeds threatening to take over the back fence row. It's a shame the bottom half is so ugly cause the blooms are actually kind of pretty. Make a note - get the large size next time. I had a lot of them. I hit the side of the yard where big green grassy weeds are growing. These aren't really bothering me too much; I was checking for lurking thistle thingys. I almost missed my little visitor. But, there it was, nestled among the tall grass - a young rabbit. To my amazement it didn't do anything. Just stayed put. Naturally I didn't spray that area and I kept a close eye along the rest of the fence for little rabbit buddies. Alas I didn't see any.

And, birds seemed to have found one bird feeder. For some reason they don't like the other one. I think they might be Robins as they have red breasts, but I can't tell for sure. I'm just happy to see a little wildlife back there.

I spoke with an independent yard guy last Friday and he should do the initial cut and weed and feed next week. Thank heavens - an yard intervention won't be required.

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Brooke said...

oh a bunny. how fun. mom has rabbits. kamakaze ones! :)