Friday, August 24, 2007

Not my week....

Just when you think things are picking up, something always happens. For me, it's been muscle spasms and then some. About two weeks ago, I twisted wrong or something after I got home and my back wasn't happy. I figured low key muscle spasms, so I took Advil and took it easy. It worked, by Sunday, the back was fine. Then, Monday, it moved to my leg. Practically in the middle of the day. I'm re-energized for the exercise thing (more on that to come), but try to do yoga on Mondays as that is a busy day at the gym. Well, the DVD player wouldn't work. I finally did a bit in the study using the computer's DVD player, but the room really isn't quite together yet and I did not enjoy doing in there. Tuesday, the leg was still bothering me, but I went to the gym. I rode the bike and did arms, plus stretching. I was kind of hoping that the exercise would help. Ummm... it didn't. By the time I went to bed, I was in pain. Throbbing kind of pain. Then to top it off, something blew the circuit breaker in the master bedroom. I tried all kinds of ways to get it back and couldn't. Aargh! Finally, I just went to bed.

Next morning the leg wasn't any better. If fact, it was worse. Just standing was a problem. I did go into the office, but decided that as soon as I could see the doctor, I was out of there. Fortunately, I got in at 11:30. Diagnosis - severe muscle spasms. She gave me muscle relaxers and pain medicine (which I haven't used). Getting the Rx filled was exhausting as by this time my leg just hurt all the time and was much worse when standing. I finally made it home. Called the electrician and he was here in like five minutes (I'd talked with the builder in the morning). I felt so stupid. It was the circuit breaker, but he got it on where I couldn't. They said that they are just really sensitive and there is a process for getting it back on. Apparently, I didn't do it right. They also checked the outlets in the bedroom just in case. Shortly after I moved in the same thing happened in the guest bedroom. I've never had circuits this sensitive before and think it might be a tad of overkill. After the electrician left, I ate some lunch and crashed.

I thought the leg was better yesterday, but by the time I got home it was almost worse again. I tried heat, but that didn't really help. I was off today (comp time from being on a Search committee at work, something I will never do again). I had plans, but the leg was still not good, so I took it easy most of the day.

I hoping that by Monday it's better. I'm really missing exercising, but the Doctor advised against it until the leg is better. And, it's probably what made it worse to begin with. I guess I'm learning patience.

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BellWookie said...

ah lex. I am so sorry. Nothing like severe pain to put a damper on things. hope you are feeling better.