Thursday, August 16, 2007


Shortly after moving to AR, I left my keys (house and car) in the ladies room of a coffee shop on the River Market. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until I was ready to leave. Friends, TW and spouse, and I had had a nice dinner and we wrapping up our first trip to the River Market. By this time, the coffee shop was closed. So, we asked for and received help from the police, who contacted the maintenance man, who did come and let us in. Alas, a good Samaritan had turned them into the office. Fortunately, TW still had my house key from kitty sitting and they were kind enough to drive me to my house (about a 45 minute trek) so I could get a spare car key and then take me back to my car. I thought I had a spare car key in my wallet, but I didn't. I do now. The following Monday, TW called and they did have my key, which she kindly picked up for me that day.

You'd think I'd learn from that experience. I thought I did - I'm extra vigilant about my keys. I thought that extended to my office key. Well, last Tuesday I arrived at work and couldn't find my door key. I assumed I'd left it on my desk as I did a lot of running around on Monday. Not on my desk. I started getting paranoid. Losing a work key can be expensive. Went home that night and checked pants pockets from the day before. Nothing. Got to work the next day and cleaned off my desk in a desperate attempt to find the key I was sure had to be there. It wasn't. That left one of two things - either I lost it in the parking lot or I threw it away (don't laugh, it had been a long day and I figured I could just have easily put in the trash rather than my lunch cooler). I did decide not to report it lost for awhile, in case it showed up. Sometimes, I do the weirdest things with something and then can't find it, only to have it show a couple of weeks later in the bizarre place I put it. I was hoping this would be the case.

I didn't have long to wait. Later that morning, the Police department called. Another good Samaritan had found my key in the parking lot and turned it in to the Police. The Police were able to check with the key folks and find out who the key belonged to. Then they called me. Talk about relief. The key ring is a large metal carabiner; I would have sworn that I would have heard it drop, but apparently I didn't.

So, I've been in the new job less than a year and I know where the campus police department is located. But, I have my key back and for that I'm terribly grateful. And, now, maybe a bit paranoid.

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BellWookie said...

snicker, snicker. knocks on wood that something similar doesn't happen to her.