Friday, March 23, 2007

It went down...

I met with the personal trainer last night. Allergies have been acting up, so I was dragging fanny a bit. Last night she re-did the initial measurements (they measure you at the start of your training). Since they were done the week before I started meeting with her, in about 4 weeks, my Body fat has gone down about 1 1/2 %. Woo hoo! Everything else remained the same. That's okay. I've just started back and it looks like I'm making progress. A little motivation to keep one going.

A side note...we did a balance exercise I'm not so fond of, basically because I have no balance! Just goes to show me that I need to continue to incorporate some type of balance exercise when our meetings are done with (I've got one more session). That what's I like about this gym's approach to training. It's not just about the weights, but also about balance and nutrition and a good combination of cardio and strength.

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