Thursday, March 8, 2007


You hear about accountability a lot in church - having someone you're accountable to for your actions. I've always been accountable to myself in that regard. However, when it comes to food, that's a different story. As part of my return to exercise and my desire to free the beached whale, I signed up for a few sessions with a personal trainer. Last night was my second session. Part of the deal is keeping a food log. Ugh. I have never liked doing this as it puts it out there in black and white. Her question to me last night was "so, what's with all the chocolate chip cookies?" Yep, I baked this weekend and they were my munchies for the first part of this week. Not good. I knew this, but it's also good to have someone say, uh, no, not that many. She was like, how about 2? I like that it's not a give it up mentality as that just gets you in trouble. I think I can do that. Well, I packed 3 this morning, but I also asked her about other options for the afternoon. Crackers are good. That's good - I'm a fan of Cheez Its. Fortunately, I don't do cookies in the evening. I think once I line up good meals, then my snacking should go down. I hope.

She also asked how much water I was drinking. Prior to moving to AR, I drank A LOT of water. During the commute, during workout, during lunch, in the evening. So, even though I'm the soda queen, I balanced it with the water very nicely. Gotta get there again, too. And, yes, I know more water will help me lose a few pounds, thus helping to unbeach the whale.

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