Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas is almost here...

As December has arrived so has an anniversary of sorts. This month marks two and half years in Maryland and the approaching end of an 18 month apartment lease. I got a really good deal with the lease last year and am hoping they repeat that deal this month, though I'd be happy with no increase. Even when I signed that 18 month lease, I wasn't sure I'd be here for 18 more months. Happily, I am and I'm at peace. I wasn't when I moved here. I moved from Texas and it wasn't really my first choice. The job was a mess, the house was a mess, and this is where I landed. And, I'm truly grateful for that.

I never thought I'd move this far from my family again or that at my age I'd literally be starting over again. But, I did. The first few months, especially the first Christmas, were bad. Not mongo meltdown bad, but I had a hard time adjusting to not being able to get in the car and drive a few hours to my Mom's house. I guess since my dad passed away I felt like I should be able to do that. Well, my Mom is doing well and if the time comes, I'll move closer. I've lived all over the country and this isn't new, it's just been a long time since I couldn't just hop in the car.

I've learned a few things. You are the only person who can decide what is right for you. This job was, and is, right for me. I like the area where I live. Renting is right for me. Renting was a hard one. I hadn't lived in an apartment for 10 years. But, for now, it's right. My bills are fewer and sadly, should something go wrong, I can pick up and go. Sad that I think that, but really the job is fine. But, still you can't be all that mobile if you own a house. I learned that the hard way.

So, as we head into one of the busiest seasons of the year, I reflect on what I have and realize that it's not about gifts. Really, the best gift a person can have is to be happy where they are and to appreciate all they've been blessed with. And, I do.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the coming year.

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brooke said...

You know, I think that is the hardest thing to make peace with. I am glad that you are at peace with who and where you are!