Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm here!

Finally! I'm just plain exhausted and I ache all over. There is quite a story, which I will write about. It took us (me and my Mom and Kitty Cat) three days of driving to get here, but we did. Tennessee - beautiful state with awesome rest areas. Kitty Cat was a real trooper and did wonderful on her first road trip.

My furniture was finally delivered yesterday. The mover only brought one helper so it took 8 HOURS for him to get it all up to my apartment. I basically got to do nothing yesterday except watch as more and more boxes were hauled up. In the end, though it seems to be a mountain of boxes, the move to AR was worse in the mountain of boxes category.

A friend helped today and we made a good sized dent in the unpacking. I knew the kitchen pantry would be a problem and I was right. But, I think I've got solutions, I just need to clear the space so I can do it. :)

I've met several of my neighbors, including the one in the apartment right next to me and they seem really nice.