Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kitty Cat....

Tomorrow is Kitty Cat's birthday. She'll be 9. I got her when she was a little over a year old. Hard to believe we've been together for 8 years. Seems like just yesterday that I brought her home. She settled in quickly and has trained me well.

Here she's checking out my new dining room buffet.

In case you're curious...

This is my driveway, or half of it anyway. The crack goes all the way across. And, with each rain it gets worse. It's quite uneven now. Many of the driveways have cracks, but they are at the joints. Mine seems to be the only one that has cracked this way. The builder is trying to figure out the best way to fix this so it doesn't happen again. They've been at this for at least 4 months. Doesn't give one a lot of faith in the builder.

And, I haven't heard from the builder rep guy in a month, so this week I'll e-mail him again. We're supposed to get more rain tomorrow and Tuesday which just means all the various cracks and problems I have will continue to get worse. And, I've come to realize that unless I constantly nag, this guy isn't going to do anything. I'm fairly sure he's got a lot on his plate, but I don't think I should have to nag him. But, I will. I'm guessing he'll soon get very tired of me. That's okay. I figure I paid good money for this house, they can uphold their end of the bargain.

Another backyard visitor...

Early this afternoon, I headed to my backyard with a bottle of Round-up to kill the thistle weeds threatening to take over the back fence row. It's a shame the bottom half is so ugly cause the blooms are actually kind of pretty. Make a note - get the large size next time. I had a lot of them. I hit the side of the yard where big green grassy weeds are growing. These aren't really bothering me too much; I was checking for lurking thistle thingys. I almost missed my little visitor. But, there it was, nestled among the tall grass - a young rabbit. To my amazement it didn't do anything. Just stayed put. Naturally I didn't spray that area and I kept a close eye along the rest of the fence for little rabbit buddies. Alas I didn't see any.

And, birds seemed to have found one bird feeder. For some reason they don't like the other one. I think they might be Robins as they have red breasts, but I can't tell for sure. I'm just happy to see a little wildlife back there.

I spoke with an independent yard guy last Friday and he should do the initial cut and weed and feed next week. Thank heavens - an yard intervention won't be required.