Sunday, December 14, 2008

Utter Frustration...

With the builder. What else is new. A couple of weeks ago builder rep called. They determined my house had not moved enough to warrant fixing the foundation. They would fix the "cosmetic" items and then re-survey in the three months. I'm not sure if I was happy or not to hear this. Honestly, I think they just bided their time to make me think they were really checking it out. Basically, if they re-survey in three months and determine no major movement, then any new damage is all mine to fix. Good for them. We all know the continuing damage would be due to the house shifting. To make matters worse, this is a man I literally cannot communicate with.

Two days after that phone conversation, he calls me mid-morning. He's with the bricklayer at my house to fix the exterior and no one is home. I asked if maybe they might be, I don't know, at work?! He says there is a truck in the drive way. I say so? Well, he has the bricklayer. I gave him the renter's phone number as they had agreed I could the day before. He asks if there was brick in the garage. I said yes, but that I doubted the renter could drop everything and head back out there. I also asked if he could give me/the renters advance notice. Well, I agreed to this on Wednesday. I said I wasn't arguing that, but I'd still like notice. As I've said, I can't communicate with nitwit, it escalated and he hung on me. Basically forced me to call him back to ask him to do the work.

After that incident, I decided e-mail was the best form of communication. Seems reasonable, right? If he reads it he can respond to it. Umm, no. Apparently he has no reading comprehension skills. He gives one word replies that address nothing in the e-mail or sends back a document while ignoring three forths of the rest of the e-mail. He implied the brick had been fixed. I asked for confirmation. I got a copy of the last survey in reply. I asked about several other things in the e-mail as well, all of which went unaddressed.

The kicker was a flyer left on the door advising me to call them. He knows I don't live there, but I figured a lackey did the delivery and let that slide. Then I find the builder has left a much more offical letter on the door (very professional way to communicate with home owners) advising they've sold the remaining lots to another builder (like I care) but rest assured they will still address all the problems with my house. How on earth does selling vacant lots to another builder imply in any fashion that they would no longer be responsible for the issues or warranties with my home? The one they built. They also let me know, about three months after the fact, who would be doing the repair work and that I would have a letter by Dec 15th outlining all the work to be done with a timeline, and advising this work would start January 5th. Nitwit had led me to believe it would be done this month. My renter will be gone next week, so I'm in a quandry on how to coordinate the interior stuff. I mentioned the letter to nitwit in an e-mail to make sure the letter is mailed to me and not delivered to the house. He advises that there was no such letter that went out. I advise him to contact the VP of the Dallas office because not only was there a letter, but he, nitwit, was copied on it (it appears via e-mail). I also copied the relevant paragraph in the e-mail (thank goodness renter PDF's these things for me). So far, no reply and no letter from nitwit.

The issues with the house are a small part of my frustration. I understand that soil conditions, weather, they all contribute to what can go wrong. It's the utter lack of communication from this company that has me spitting nails. Nitwit seems to believe since it's warranty work he doesn't need to let me know when he's going to do repair work. I keep trying to tell him it's still my house and I want to know what is being done. If anyone has any suggestions for dealing with nitwits, I'm all ears, because apparently I'm failing miserably at communicating with this one.

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