Monday, April 16, 2007

Storms and Painting...what a weekend

Last Friday was a dark and stormy day. Literally. I worked through lunch so I could leave a bit early and hit the grocery store before the storms hit. You could look at the sky and know it was coming. I was just expecting thunderstorms. I underestimated a bit. Almost right after I got the car unloaded, the sirens went off. Sirens going off are not good. So, I turned the tv to a local channel and their sole coverage was the storm system moving the area. My city wasn't the only city that hit the sirens. Many places had hail the size of golf balls. Again, I very much appreciated my garage. This morning it was confirmed... three tornadoes touched down in the metroplex area, one confirmed to be an F1. It was amazing what people did with cell phones... one guy actually videotaped the twister coming towards him with his cell phone. It's amazing to me how technology is used in times like that; I'm not sure I would've been quick enough to whip out my cell phone and take picture.

As a result of the storms, we had a very chilly (highs in the 50's) and a very windy Saturday. Seems like every time I drive to my old stomping grounds the weather is horrible - either gusting winds or pouring rains. I'm beginning to wonder if God is trying to tell me something. The trip this time though was to help friend CD paint her very first house! She closed on Thursday. It's a great house in a great neighborhood. Makes me a little nostalgic. Not as many people were on hand as had been hoped for. I stayed for about five hours, but then I had to toodle. It's a hour drive now for me and I needed to head back. The winds though, wow. In places I drive on a very flat, open road. And, believe me, I can tell it when the wind is gusting. :)

I enjoyed helping her and felt like I didn't do enough. I wish I could have done more. Many rooms were painted chocolate, including the guest bath where they even painted the ceiling chocolate. We got a good bit of the priming done. I can still feel it in my thighs though. Since I did a lot of the priming near the baseboards and in the hard places for the rollers, I wound up doing what amounts to squats for about three hours and I can tell it.

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