Monday, April 9, 2007

Good things...

Well, as of last Thursday, my yard has been mowed! Woo hoo! It's so much nicer to look at now, especially the back yard. Gone are the almost knee high grassy weeds. I've also put out the weed and feed, so in about a month, the weeds should start slowing down. We had a lot of rain last week, but I realized when I was leaving for work this morning that I need to kick those sprinklers back on.

I also spoke with a landscaper, who had some good ideas for the backyard. Very quiet though. He said he'd draft something up for me, but I'm not sure he thinks I'm worth the effort, meaning I may not be spending enough money at this time to justify his effort. We'll see. I'm coming to realize that unless you can (or want) to spend thousands, you might be on your own. A small disappointment though relates to the back patio. To extend it any decent length out from the existing covered porch will require moving a sprinkler pipe. Yikes.. not something I can do. Probably means I'll definitely wind up doing the patio last. And, of course a lot of it depends on him actually getting back to me. :)

The good news though (for me anyway), is that my not dead shrub is a Dwarf Crepe Myrtle! I'm so excited. If I got to choose shrubs that would be one of my choices. They bloom all summer long and then some. I'm just so darn pleased about that. Can't wait till it blooms.

Exercise last week was a bust. I did make it to one step class and then a normal workout day. Near the end of the week though, I was just exhausted. Couldn't really think straight at the end of the day and realized a workout probably wouldn't be worth much in that state. Given my itchy, itchy eyes, I think it's allergies. I did do yoga this weekend though, so that's three days total for exercise. This week I'm hoping is better.

And, in the "cool" department. We had tiny snow flurries last Saturday. Makes sense - it was Easter. It always gets chilly on Easter. Now, Spring can come.

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