Monday, March 5, 2007

Exercise, Week 2

Well, this is week 2 of my return to a gym and exercising. My goal starting out was three days a week and I made that last week. Unfortunately, it was Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I'd really like not to do them all in a row but spread them out. Alas, I like not going on Friday. So, maybe Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I used to go Monday, Wednesday through Friday. Something will work out. I may also work in a Saturday or Sunday for a 4th day.

I did do one of their classes. It's a 30 minute class and was done on what amounts to a balance board. The thing rocks and swivels and some of the moves are unique to the board and some are similar to step, which is interesting since you have to have balance to do it! I was just happy to complete the class without falling and breaking any bones. I'm planning to give it another go this week. After all, after going for a bit, I should become somewhat of a pro, right?

I'd also like to get back to doing yoga on the weekend. I've gotten out of the habit and I'd really like to get that habit back. It's good for flexibility. Hmm... maybe I should set that goal for starting this weekend.

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